Get Adventurous Motocross Dirt Bikes for $200 is good?

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While a moderate dirt bike will cost you anywhere between $5000 dollars to $8000 dollars, thinking about having a dirt bike for about $200 dollars seems outrageous.

Getting a $200 dollar dirt bike is not possible unless you are thinking about buying a crap. Even if you get to purchase an old unused dirt bike for about $200 dollars, you will have to fluctuate between the authenticity regarding whether the bike will run or not.

But at the same time, we will not demotivate you to do such a purchase if you have a good knowledge of these machines. Spending some additional bucks on these craps can really bring a diamond out of it.

Is a 200 dollar dirt bike possible

Why a 200$ dollars dirt bike is not possible?

When you are talking about a brand new dirt bike, the engine of the bike itself will cost more than $200 dollars let alone the dirt bike.

But you will always find some unused and dysfunctional racing dirt bikes that the users may want to sell to clean up the garage from crap.

If you are aware of all the essential parts of a dirt bike and its functionality, you can really get the benefit out of it but doing some simple modifications.

Who should purchase a cheap unused dirt bike with faults?

We never recommend our readers to go for buying a crap unless he is sure about the purchase. You have to have a really good sense of the thing you are doing.

It is indeed true that many users purchase a crap and dysfunctional dirt bike at a very low cost and ultimately bring a gem out of it. But the difference between those and the others is that they are pretty much conscious about their decision, and they know exactly why they are doing the purchase.

If you are planning to modify the dysfunctional dirt bike and are confident that the bike will run fine, go for the purchase.

If you have a plan to use some of the parts of the bike to modify another bike, purchasing even a crap dirt bike even seems logical.

But purchasing a $200 dollars bike only to test may disappoint you in the longer run.

Why should you purchase a cheap dirt bike?

There are actually a couple of reasons why you may purchase a cheap dirt bike. Some of them are-

  1. If you own a garage and you need to work with different parts of a dirt bike, even a crap dirt bike can bring forth quality experience.
  2. If some of the parts of the bike are dysfunctional but are replaceable, purchasing a cheap dirt bike can also bring a wholesome experience.
  3. Sometimes a cheap dysfunctional dirt bike can be an excellent tool to learn about the parts and functionality of a motorbike. Therefore, if you are an apprentice or teaching someone about the basics of a dirt bike regularly, cheap dysfunctional dirt may also seem enough logical.
  4. Swapping some of the parts of the bike with another bike can also be an excellent way to go for the purchase.

Modifying a cheap bike

One of the primary reasons people go for purchasing a cheap and dusted dirt bike is with the hope that modifying the bike will enable them to get a functional machine at a very low-end price range.

While thinking about modifying a dirt bike, there are three possible scenarios you may face-

The first scenario: the engine is functional, but some other parts seem to be off

In the first case, the engine of the bike will remain functional, but some other properties like the kick start lever, shocks, the suspension may not work properly. If you can choose such a dirt bike within $300 to $400 dollars, you surely are making a good deal.

Replacing the dysfunctional part with a new one, in that case, should resolve the problem. And the benefit is that you will have a quality dirt bike at a very cheap price range.

Second scenario: the engine is dead, but the rest of the parts seem to be okay

This is a complicated situation. When the engine of the bike remains dead, you do not get enough opportunities to check the overall functionality of the bike.

A brand new dirt bike engine will be much costlier than someone anticipates.

If the bike you are intending to purchase seems to be in a good shape except for the engine, you may go for the purchase if you have a functional old dirt bike engine available in your repertoire.

Swapping the dead engine with that old functional engine might enable you to go for a dirt bike ride on the sand dune at a very reasonable price.

Third scenario: nothing seems to be okay with the bike

In the final case, you may find a dirt bike that shows no sign of functionality at all. At the dead end, you will consider such a bike as complete crap.

Should you go for such a bike purchase?

Well, you may go for purchasing such a bike when you are a mechanic. Purchasing such a bike may enable you to use some of the parts in your different activities.

Besides, purchasing such crap can also be an excellent way for you to let your new apprentice learn about different parts of the bike.

Final summary

Getting a $200 dollars dirt bike is possible, but you simply can’t dictate whether the bike will run on the dirt or not. But still, these old dysfunctional dirt bikes are worth purchasing when you have a clear and specific reason for why you should be going for the purchase. Otherwise, don’t take the risk to lose $200 dollars. If the purchased bike does not meet your standard, there is no meaning in wasting your money.

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