King vs. Chopped vs. Razor Tour pack: which one should you pick for the most comfortable experience?

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When it comes to picking up a tour pack for your Harley Davidson, there are three different options available. The first one is the King, the last one is the Chopped, and in the middle, there is the Razor Tour pack.

But how do you choose the best option for your model? Well, we are here to make you comfortable with your decision. In this particular article, we will be talking about the differences, similarities, and all the features you will get from these three tour packs.

At the end of the article, we believe you will have specific knowledge to pick up the right gear for you.

Without any further I do, let’s get into it-

King vs. Chopped vs. Razor Tour pack

Is a tour pack worth it?

A tour pack is nothing cheap. For a good quality tour pack, you have to spend around 600 to 800 bucks. That is when the ultimate question comes into mind. Is a tour pack worth it?

Yes, a Tour Pack is worth the budget when you really feel the importance of having some extra space to carry your necessary accessories.

When you want a tour pack only for luxury, it may lose its appeal within a short time. But when it becomes a necessity, spending that much budget behind a tour pack is never a luxury.   

A dedicated tour lover needs to carry different tools and accessories with him when it is about going on a long tour. That is when one will feel the dire importance of a tour pack.

Besides, a casual rider who needs to go out every day also needs to carry some necessary gear to reduce the chance of obstruction in the middle of work. Therefore, a tour pack can also come in handy to give the most versatile support at that particular moment as well.

King vs. Chopped vs. Razor Tour pack

King Tour pack

Chopped Tour pack

Razor tour pack


Larger size

Medium size

Smaller size


Larger backrest

Smaller backrest

Smaller backrest


More space

Medium space

Smaller space


Two full-face helmets

Two half face helmets

Two half-face helmets.


Looks a little deem

Crisp design.

Most elegant and attractive


Perfect for the long tour

Perfect for a casual drive.

Perfect for everyday use.


Quality build

Quality build

Quality build


A backpack+ one full-face helmet.

A backpack+ a cap

A backpack only


Let’s get into the main discussion now


harley tour pack

The king tour pack is the real tall one. King is larger than the rest of the two. Therefore, when you prefer a larger option to improvise the spacing, the King should be the most ideal option.

The Razor, on the other hand, is the real short one on the list. This tour pack looks pretty impressive at the first glance, but it comes with a real short construction. Therefore, versatility will be well ensured,but you may have to sacrifice the space a little.

In the middle, there comes the Chopped one. This one is a little smaller than the king but a little larger than the Razor version. Therefore, when your preference is to stay neutral in the middle, the Chopped version of the Tour pack should bring the most optimum experience with your Harley Davidson.

King is for the long tour, the Razor is for roaming around the town, and the Chopped one fits both circumstances.

The larger spacing area allows you to carry a large number of accessories inside of the king tour pack. Therefore, the king tour pack will be an ideal option when you have a plan to go on a long tour with your Harley Davidson.

The smaller size of the Razor tour pack does not allow the rider to take a large number of accessories inside of the Razor tour pack. Therefore, you can choose the Razor tour pack when you will roam around the town. Taking a small helmet, a gym bag, and something like that will be convenient with a Razor tour pack.

In the end, the chopped tour pack will allow you to make a neutral decision. The chopped version will not say anything when you take it on a long tour; neither will it make any disturbance when you roam around the town.

King has a bigger backrest, whereas Chopped and Razor are almost the same

We have already mentioned earlier that the King tour pack is the real ideal solution for the long tour. It justifies our comments by adding a larger and comfortable backrest on it. The backrest is indeed comfortable to give you long-lasting support when you will be on a long tour.

In another part of the presentation, both the chopped and Razor version of the tour pack comes with the almost same size of the backrest. Therefore, you can always go for them when you have a plan to travel a mid or short distance.

What you can keep inside of a King tour pack?

Being the largest tour pack on this list, King can accommodate more accessories than the rest of the two counterparts. Here are some of the things you can keep inside of a King Tour pack-

  1. Two full-size helmets.
  2. A full backpack.
  3. A sleeping bag and a full-face helmet (maybe with a  little force)
  4. A gym bag and a half-face helmet.
  5. Two beer packs.

What you can put inside of a Chopped tour pack?

The chopped one is the mid-size edition on the list. Therefore, you will not be able to accommodate even a single full-face helmet on it. Other than a full-face helmet, this tour pack should sufficeenough to accommodate one single unit of everything you can think of. Here are some of the things you can think about taking with you inside of a Chopped Tour pack-

  1. Two half-face helmets.
  2. A gym bag.
  3. A backpack.
  4. A sleeping bag.
  5. A beer pack.

What you can put inside of a Razor tour pack?

Being the smallest tour pack on this list, Razor does not have enough space to let you go on a long tour. Like the chopped pack, Razor also does not allow you to take a full-face helmet inside of it. You can think about taking the rest of the things inside of a Razor pack but only a single unit.

Here are some of the things you can think about carrying inside of a Razor Tour pack-

  1. A backpack.
  2. Two half-face helmets.
  3. A couple of caps.
  4. A couple of gloves.
  5. A beer pack.

Let's talk about the look.

Let's be a little straightforward in this particular aspect of the presentation. If you believe that the look of your tour pack really matters, this section should come in handy to pick up the right looks for your Harley.

Looks of King Tour pack

The bulky construction of the king pack seems a little temperate while comparing to the rest of the two packs. But that is not the only thing that should define its quality. The king is a three-day tour pack, whereas the rest of the two can support you for around one to two days. Therefore, when importance is the first priority other than the looks, the king is the most wholesome tour pack available.

We are not saying that the King Tour pack looks almost barren. Nope, that is not the case at all. The color of the King pack could be a little crisper. But it is always okay to make your Harley looks far more lucrative and stylish.

Looks of Chopped Tour pack

The Chopped, being the mid-size tour pack on this list, looks a lot better with your Harley. The crisp color with the decent finishing makes this one a stylish tour pack to install on your Harley.

The inclusion of the mid-size backrest and a quality color combination should suffice to please any users.

The chopped edition is also a great pack when you prioritize quality over the look. The mid-size construction should give you the authenticity to go on a tour for one to two days when you have this tour pack for your Harley Davidson.

In terms of look, this one is not altogether bad. Decide first whether you really need one tour pack or not. If it is really a matter to you, the look is precise enough to make you comfortable.

Looks of Razor tour pack

When it comes to the style and look, the Razor tour pack is the most lucrative and stylish kit available on the list. Almost ninety percent of the users will agree to the fact that the Razor pack looks simply stunning after the installation on every Harley Davidson model. The perfect satin finishing with a crisp color makes this one an ideal device for look and productivity.

It is indeed true that the Razor tour pack is smaller than most of its counterparts. But this one also comes for daily purposes where you will require smaller loads to carry with you.

That means when you are passionate about going out every day with your Harley and need to carry a stylish pack to carry your utensils; no other tour packs can beat Razor.

Which one is perfect for you?

We are almost at the end of this article section. If you summarize the whole writings above, there appear three conditions that define which one should be a perfect choice for you-

King is for three to four days long tour.

A long tour is impossible without a convenient tour kit with you. When you have a Harley, a long tour becomes much easier with a King Tour pack. One of the ideal reasons this one is a perfect kit for the long tour is its larger size. The larger space compared to the rest of the two counterparts allows every rider to carry a large number of tools with him. As a result, traveling becomes more fun and exciting.

Besides, the larger and comfortable backrest that comes with the King tour pack allows the rider to feel comfortable when they are on the go.

That is why the king tour pack will come out to be the most ideal companion when you are likely to go on a long tour every now and then.

The chopped tour pack is for the casual rider

The chopped, which is the mid-size tour pack, on the list would be an ideal option for the casual rider. The medium space will allow you to carry moderate accessories inside of it. When you tend to go out with your Harley for about two to three days a week, this tour pack should be an ideal companion that you can have for your Harley.

The Razor is for all-day users.

When you need to go out every day and need to carry a smaller amount of accessories with you, the Razor tour pack can come out to be the most ideal option available on this list.

It is indeed true that Razor is smaller than compared to the rest of the counterparts. But that is what makes it ideal for the everyday user.

When you need to carry a simple backpack with a laptop inside of it, the Razor is the ideal supplement. Besides, carrying a half-face helmet or even a sleeping bag is also possible when you have a Razor tour pack.

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Final summary

  1. A tour pack can always turn out to be an ideal companion to make any kind of touring ride more comfortable and convenient.
  2. When it comes to picking up a tour pack for the Harley Davidson, the Razor, chopped, and King are the three most popular and convenient tour packs available.
  3. Pick up the King pack when you need a larger space to go on a long tour.
  4. The chopped version should fit better when you regularly go for a casual drive.
  5. The Razor tour pack should make any everyday rider comfortable with its versatility.

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