XtremepowerUS gas pocket bike 40cc expert experience in 2023

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A stature more like a motorcycle but on a much smaller frame makes the category of the pocket bike more versatile to most bike lovers.

Notwithstanding these bikes' smaller size, they are pretty much capable of delivering the users a racing vibe that one would love unconditionally. Even adults are sitting on these bikes for having a casual and recreational racing experience.

No matter whether you are here to find a quality pocket bike for your kid or you, this XtremepowerUS 40cc pocket bike will definitely meet the standard you deserve.

If you are interested, let us jump into the broad review section to find out why you should and should not purchase this mini pocket bike. As usual, we will start with the specifications first-

XtremepowerUS 40cc pocket bike

XtremepowerUS gas pocket bike




Available colors

Blue, black, pink, and green


40cc 4-Stroke, Air Cooled, EPA Approved

Max speed



Pull start

Gas tank

1.2 liters

Cruising range

20 miles per tank


Centrifugal chain-driven transmission

Load capacity

170 lbs

Frame construction



Front and rear disc brake


Variable twisted grip throttle

Handlebar adjustment

Angle adjustable

Front and rear tire

90/65-6.5 and 110/50-6.5

Recommended age

12 years and up

User experience (8/10)

Well, we will try to be neutral and fair throughout this whole article. The truth is that thisXtremepowerUS pocket bike is good but not that good to last for a long time. You can expect to get both positives and negatives from this bike.

In terms of performance and capability, this 40cc pocket bike will get a full mark, but the performance will never remain the same.  With the span of time, you will need to do some repairing to keep the bike running.

But such behavior is common for almost all pocket bike brands. 

Overall, eight out of ten should be a good score to mark this 40cc pocket bike's worth.

If you want alternative of this bike you can must see on MotoTec GBMoto 40cc gas-powered pocket bike. If you are looking for another similar kind of bike for ideal comparison, you may check that review as well.

XtremepowerUS 40cc gas pocket bike comes with a fair price range

How much money are you willing to pay for a gas-powered pocket bike? If your budget is less than $400 dollars, this XtremepowerUS pocket bike should be the most convenient option. 

According to the MSRP provided on the website, this pocket bike is available for $300 dollars.  But the product may not remain available all the time on the website.

Purchasing the bike from other retailers may require you to spend some extra bucks. But spending extra $10 to $50 dollars for this bike always seems logical.

The bike looks just sleek at the first glance

To like a particular product, the first impression needs to be always good. When such is the case, we need to mention that this product will surely make a good impression.

This is surely a miniature version of a motorcycle but with a more racing vibe. Therefore, there is every possible reason why your adventurous kid will love this item to a great degree. 

Besides, the availability of multiple color patterns will always keep an option for your kid to choose according to his preference.

XtremepowerUS 40cc pocket bike is gas-powered with an EPA-approved 4-stroke engine.

How often do you find a mini bike that is four-stroke, gas-powered, and even EPA approved? In most cases, these genres of minibikes tend to be either electric or two-stroke.

The implementations of such features make this pocket bike stand out from the rest.

If you really want to make your kid competent with real motorcycles, this should be the first step to teaching your kid the basics.

Along with that, the EPA-approved feature will ensure that your kid is always safe while riding on this bike.

If your kid’s expertise is at an intermediate level, you may introduce him to a MotoTec dirt bike as well. Learning to ride a dirt bike will make him more competent than ever before.

This little pocket bike can deliver a sheer top speed of up to 18mph

If you ever feel like this mini pocket bike will hardly be able to cross the speed limit of 10mph, we need to mention that you are miscalculating the bike’s overall capability.

With its smaller 40cc engine, this smaller bike can deliver up to 18mph of top speed, allowing your kid to speed up whenever he is ready. 

At the same time, the speed adjustable parameter should allow even a beginner kid to maneuver the bike with ease.

You may also check the speed of different pocket bikes to compare this item with other available pocket bikes.

The load capacity is more than enough to accommodate even an adult

Let alone kid, this smaller bike with its durable ridged steel frame is enough capable of withstanding up to 170 lbs of weight without showing any sort of turbulence at all.

That means even as an adult you will have the authenticity to ride on this bike to enjoy a good pastime.

No matter whether you are a bigger kid or a smaller kid, this mini bike will deliver room for everyone.

You may also check these Coleman mini bikes if the age of your kid is above 12.

With a chain-driven transmission system, this pocket bike will also have front and rear disc braking.

If you are letting your kid ride on a pocket bike, you must be wanting your kid to learn the fundamentals that will help to ride larger bikes in the long run along with having fun and excitement in the present.

Well, the chain-driven transmission system with the presence of front and rear disc braking should enable your kid to be better at controlling the brakes. Razor pocket rocket vs. dirt rocket to choose the ideal electric mini bike for your kid.

The pneumatic tires will also provide enough grips and stability to run the bike on any terrain.

When it comes to getting better controllability, the tire of your bike plays a crucial role along with the braking system.

This smaller 40cc pocket bike comes with smaller 6.5 inches of pneumatic tires on both ends. No matter in which terrain your kid drives the bike, the tire should give enough traction and grip to haul over the terrain with ease.

All these features do not make the bike altogether good

You will not find even a single-pocket bike that is totally good. This one is no aberration. Here are some of the major cons you may face with this bike-

  • First of all, if your kid is growing at a fast rate, this bike may seem a little awkward for them to sit on. Even kids with the age of 11 can grow longer than 5.6 feet these days. Therefore, the size can always be an issue.
  • Although the manufacturer specifies that the pocket bike comes for the age of 12 and more, we believe anybody with the age of 8 and above will feel comfortable on the bike.
  • The 40cc pocket bike does not come fully assembled. Therefore, you will need to do some sort of assembly on your own.
  • At max, you can expect to get one year of hassle-free support from the bike. After that, you will need to prepare yourself for doing little modifications every now and then.

Should you purchase this mini bike for your little champ?

Of course, you should. Just keep in mind that no pocket bike is going to be 100% accurate. Notwithstanding all those cons, this pocket bike is enough capable of delivering optimized performance for at least one year.

Besides, the price is not that high to make you obtrusive to give a little thought.

Christmas is coming soon.  Surprise your kid with this one. You will definitely love it when your kid will ride on this bike with an exciting and cheerful smile on his face.

Final summary

Pocket bikes are becoming a trend these days. Whether you should follow the trend or not completely depends on you. But if you are planning to go with this XtremepowerUS 40cc pocket bike, we can surely assure you that you will be able to bring a smile to your kid's face.

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