Review of Coleman KT196 Gas Powered Go-kart

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How about assessing one of the most popular go-karts from Coleman? Yes, I am talking about the Coleman KT196.

People call the Coleman KT196 a kids' edition. But I can tell you that this toy has got some potential to bring a little thrill for the adults as well.

People have been positively reviewing the kart for a long time. Coleman launched KT196 a couple of years back. The toy has shown enough flexibility to retain its popularity until now. Therefore, I thought about giving it a try as well.

Coleman kt196 GO-Kart review

Coleman kt196 GO-Kart review

Coleman kt196 GO-Kart review





196cc, Air-cooled, OHV, 4-stroke, 1-cylinder

Max speed

15mph (24km/h)


68.11" x 43.7" x 47.24" (1730 mm x 1110 mm x 1200 mm)

Ground clearance

4 inches.

Dry weight

330 lbs.

Load  capacity

400 lbs.

Fuel tank

0.95 gallon.

Front tire


Rear tires



Hydraulic disc.


11 N⋅m @ 2500 rpm




Chain drive


Dual a-arm adjustable shocks.



What are the positives of Coleman KT 196?

Coleman kt196 GO-Kart ride

Power delivery

  • 196cc overhead valve engine.
  • CVT transmission.
  • 3600 rpm rate.

This Go-kart is powered by a 196cc overhead valve engine. The combination of CVT transmission with a powerful engine makes this GO-Kart more capable of delivering the exact features one would expect from a powerful GO-Kart.

One of the ideal benefits of having a CVT transmission system on a GO-Kart is that it can handle a lot more weight compared to others. The stretching capacity of low to high power delivery makes this transmission system way more convenient and suitable for most riders.

Now this machine can deliver up to 3600 rpm at a time. Now that is where you need to take the decision. 3600 rpm capacity of a GO-Kart might seem plenty for smaller kids. But how will the GO-Kart perform for the larger kids or adults?

Well, you always have the chance to upgrade the capacity of the kart to make the GO-Kart more fun and exciting.


  • Large metal cage packaging.
  • Safer

Coleman ships this GO-Kart with a larger metal cage, which is enough to protect the kart from all kinds of complexity. We have not found even a single user who has complained about the packaging of this impressive GO-Kart.

We will really give it 10 out of 10 when it comes to packaging.


  • Easier assembly.
  • Instruction is available.

Once you unbox the GO-Kart from the cage, you need to do the assembly to give the kart a go on the terrain.

Now if you have never assembled a GO-Kart before, all of the screws and parts that come with the package may give you a baffling experience.

But we want to tell you that the assembly process is going to be a lot easier than your imagination. You should get a manual guide to do the installation on your own without facing any issues.

But if you are still a little confused about the process, you may check some video tutorials on YouTube to complete the assembly with more freedom.


Always keep in mind that you have to add oil to the tank before you get ready for the ride.


  • Sturdy steel frame.
  • Roll cage design for safety.

KT196 features a really sturdy steel frame to withstand most tearing to make the rider comfortable on the kart. Almost 90 of the riders seem to show their satisfaction when it comes to the frame.  Besides, a perfect finishing on the frame will keep it rust and corrosion-free for a long time.

Besides, the intelligent roll frame design of the frame will always bring positive results for the riders to enjoy a safer ride in any terrain conditions.


  • Rugged tires.
  • Better grip.
  • Low pressure.

The main functionality of tires on a GO-Kart is to deliver the appropriate amount of traction on different terrains so that the rider can maneuver the kart with enough potential.

The inclusion of four 6-inch (front) and 8-inch (rear) rugged tires on both ends of the kart will deliver essential handling capacity to your hand to get the essential support in most situations.

Besides, these tires have got the real potential to handle almost all types of terrains to give you the freedom of riding.

Finally, the low-pressure tire capacity will absorb the dampening load with much proficiency to deliver comfort and stability in most terrains.


  • Brake pad
  • Accelerator
  • Steering wheel

The combined functioning of the brake pad, accelerator, and steering wheel will make it much easier for any rider to handle the GO-Kart with better proficiency.

Even a kid with a little experience will be able to ride the kart without facing any sort of trouble at all.

Besides, the perfect placement of all these three controlling gears will make it way more convenient for any rider to extract the real excitement and fun.


  • Padded.
  • Dual seat.

When you want comfort while riding on a GO-Kart, the seats of the toy are always an ideal element to consider.

This kt196 GO-Kart from Coleman comes with a dual-seating capacity. Therefore, it is always possible to ride with your companion simultaneously.  Besides, the inclusion of a dual-seat capacity will make it much easier for a beginner to learn the basics from an expert. If you want your kid to teach the basics on your own, this should be the ideal item to grab.

Besides, the padded seating material will always come in handy to ensure a comfortable and wholesome experience in most situations.


  • Dual a-arm adjustable shocks.
  • Better travel distance.

If the suspension system of the GO-Kart is not convenient, your ride tends to deliver a hell of an experience.

The kt196 GO-Kart includes dual a-arm adjustable shocks on both ends to make the ride more stable and comfortable in all-terrain conditions.

The dual-shock will absorb the dampening load of most terrains to ensure the smoothest ride possible. It does not matter whether you drive on bumpy terrain or not, you will never have to sacrifice the comfort when you will ride on the kt 196 GO-Kart.


  • Disc braking.
  • 4-point safety harness.

Coleman brings this GO-Kart, especially for the young kids. Therefore, it is much more necessary that the vehicle ensures optimum safety for all riders.

We can assure you that this GO-Kart is safe enough with hydraulic disc braking on both parts of the vehicle. As a result, controlling the kart will be easier.

The roll caging with a 4-point safety harness kit will always ensure essential protection for all disciplines of riders.

In addition, there is always a sturdy metal frame to keep the riders safe in most situations.

Load capacity

  • 400 lbs. of load capacity.
  • Suitable for adults as well.

You can always call it a kids’ GO-Kart as kt196 tends to deliver moderate rpm and power output. But credit should not take away from it in every aspect.

According to Coleman, this kt196 GO-Kart can withstand up to 400 lbs. of load. Therefore, two absolute adults will comfortably be able to sit on the kart without any sort of complications.

If you are willing to upgrade the power capacity of this GO-Kart to a little degree, this kart has got all the might to satisfy even a big guy.

Better exhaust/muffler

  • Moderate sound output.
  • Powerful exhaust system.

Some people love getting louder sound output, whereas some other will prefer having a calmer one.

Kt196 GO-Kart from Coleman tends to deliver neither too loud nor too calm sound output. A moderate sound delivery will always be useful to meet the standard of most riders. If you want your neighbors to notice you, the powerful exhaust system on it should be enough to give you the impression you deserve.

Even as adults, we really love the sound delivery of this impressive device.

Fuel capacity

  • 0.95 gallons of fuel capacity.
  • Better runtime.

The kt196 GO-Kart comes with a fuel tank capacity of 0.95 gallons, which is around 3.6 liters.  The fuel capacity of this device may not seem enough, but it is enough to ensure a long runtime on the terrain.

If you have a plan to grab this one for a kid, we believe 3.6 liters of fuel capacity will always allow him to stay on the terrain as long as he wants.


Always keep in mind that this GO-Kart uses 87+ unleaded-Gasoline. If you want better performance from the kart, you should always use the right oil.

Top speed

  • 15 mph of top speed.
  • Safer for the kids.

Kt196 GO-Kart is neither too fast to awe you nor too slow to bore you. This go-kart can deliver up to 15mph of top speed.  15mph of speed limit should not be enough to please a big guy, but it is more than enough to make any kid happy.

When you have a plan to grab a GO-Kart for your kid, you must ensure safety at the same time.  That is what you can expect from this excellent-looking GO-Kart. This GO-Kart will always ensure that your kids remain safe and sound in more situations.

Perfect dimension

  • 68.11" x 43.7" x 47.24"
  • Good for safety

The dimension of the kart is one of the more important factors that engineers need to keep in mind while working on a particular construction.

This kt196 GO-Kart from Coleman comes with a length of almost 69 inches, making it perfect for almost all ages of people. It does not matter whether you are an adult or a beginner kid, the frame of the kart is always enough to accommodate the rider comfortably.


  • Good for the budget.
  • Affordable.

A great reason to go with this kt196 GO-Kart is its price range. The manufacturer offers a reasonable price to make almost every consumer happy with it.

Kids’GO-Kartsalways tend to come at an affordable price range. If your kid loves fun, this should be another excellent item to make your kid happy.

What are some of the drawbacks of KT196 GO-Kart?

Kt196 does not come with too many drawbacks to make you uncomfortable in the meantime.  Here are some of the drawbacks to keep in mind before you go for this GO-Kart-

Low power delivery

This is a perfect GO-Kart for the kids. Therefore, you cannot expect to get a huge power delivery from the kart. The 196cc engine can deliver around 6 horsepower at max with an rpm capacity of up to 3600.

This may seem a little inconvenient for the big guys, but it is always plenty for a kid to give him the pleasure he expects from the kart.


We don’t see the speed as a drawback of this GO-Kart. This go-kart can deliver up to 15 mph of top speed, which is logical for most beginner users. But some users do complain about the speed output of the GO-Kart.

It is indeed true that the speed of the kart could be a little better than usual. But that is what you need to be content with for now.

Which age is Coleman KT196 for?

Coleman KT196 image

The Coleman kt196 go-cart will be a perfect choice for any kids between 7 to 13 years of age.

It is indeed true that the manufacturer specifies the kart for the age of 13 and above. But we believe this GO-Kart will produce less fun for the intermediate riders.

If you are willing to upgrade the parts of the kart to get some better power and efficiency, it is also possible to use the kart as an adult also.

The kart may not deliver top speed initially, but it is always possible to make the kart faster through some upgrades.

What's the alternative to the Coleman KT196 go-kart?

The Realtree 196cc Gas Powered Camo Ride-On GO-Kart will be a perfect alternative to this kt196 go-kart. If you want to check some other brand, this one is definitely a perfect item to give a look.


How fast is the Coleman kt196 go-cart?

Coleman KT196 GO-Kart can deliver up to 15 mph of top speed. Upgrading the kart can enable you to get 31mph of top speed at max.

Coleman brings this GO-Kart, especially for the kids. Therefore, maintaining the balance of speed is always an ideal aspect to consider.  It may seem that the speed of this impressive GO-Kart could be a little higher, but it is always convenient when you accept the kart for the kids.

How much does a Coleman KT 196 GO-Kart cost?

The Coleman kt196 GO-Kart will cost around 1800$ dollars.

Coleman sells their products through numerous retailers. Therefore, you may notice a little variety among the price ranges. Unless you are willing to purchase a second-hand one, the pricing of Coleman kt196 GO-Kart will always be near 1800 bucks.

How can I make my Coleman GO-Kart faster?

The only way to make your Coleman GO-Kart faster is by upgrading the power capacity of the kart.

Here are the seven features to upgrade to make your Coleman GO-Kart faster:

  • Reducing the weight of the kart.
  • Upgrading the engine.
  • Carburetor setup.
  • Installing low-pressure tires.
  • Installing a fast charger.
  • Adding efficient fuel.
  • Upgrading rpm by removing speed governor.

Is a Go-kart road legal?

No, a Go-kart is not street legal. A go-kart does not have the essential frame, construction, and speed delivery to make the niche appropriate on the road.

Almost 90 percent of the states of America do not allow a GO-Kart on the busy road. It is always okay to ride a go-kart for fun. But when you take them to the busy street, serious accidents can happen at any moment.

These GO-Karts are not equipped with enough safety features to keep you safe on the highway or on any busy road.

What motor is on Coleman KT 196?

The Coleman KT196 go-kart uses a 196cc, Air-cooled, OHV, 4-stroke, 1-cylinder over-valve motor.

The four-stroke engine is powerful enough to deliver up to 15mph of top speed. Optimizing the speed governor will allow you to get almost 30mph of top speed at max from the go-kart.

How fast is 6.5 HP?

A 6.5 HP engine can deliver up to 3600 rpm of top speed at max. It would be equivalent to 30mph of top speed at max.

Final summary

  • Go-kart is a recreational vehicle niche that does not have permission to go off the road.
  • The Coleman KT 196 GO-Kart is one of the most popular editions of GO-Kart from Coleman.
  • KT196 GO-Kart is a perfect choice for kids of seven and above.
  • KT196 can handle almost all terrains.
  • The moderate pricing always makes the item a perfect gear for fun lovers.

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