GKM 125 VS GKM 200 VS GKA 200: Which massimo go-kart is for you?

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You get threefold benefits at a time with Massimo Go-Karts. With an affordable price range, Massimo Motor also brings power and reliability.

This is true not only for the go-karts but also for the Massimo Snowblowers.

The number of go-kart models that Massimo brings to the market may arise confusion for a new buyer.

Therefore, I am here to review the GKM 125, GKM 200,  and GKA 200 go-karts so that a buyer can easily make a better decision.

Massimo go kart reviews

What are the go-kart lineups of Massimo Motor?

So far, Massimo Motor offers three different go-kart lineups on the market for different categories of users. The three lineups are-

  1. GKM 125
  2. GKM 200 and
  3. GKA 200

Before we jump into the broad discussion section, here are the differences and similarities among all these three lineups in a single table so that you can extract the whole summary of this article instantly-

Massimo GKM 125 vs GKM 200 vs GKA 200 go kart


GKM 125

GKM 200

GKA 200


125cc four-stroke single-cylinder air-cooled

200cc four-stroke single-cylinder air-cooled

177cc  four-stroke single-cylinder air-cooled


6.5 hp

9.5 hp

8.7 hp


Automatic W/Reverse

Automatic W/Reverse

Automatic W/Reverse

Final drive

Chain driven

Chain driven

Chain driven

Fuel system




Starting system








Front suspension

Independent Double A-Arm

Double A-Arm

Double A-Arm

Rear suspension

Swing Arm

Swing Arm

Swing Arm


Front and rear hydraulic disc braking

Front and rear hydraulic rear disc braking

Front and rear hydraulic  rear disc braking


74x46x51 inches (LxWxH)

91.75x59.5x52 inches (LxWxH)

98x57x60 inches (LxWxH)

Seat height

12  inches

14 inches

14 inches


59 inches

73.5 inches

75.5 inches

Ground clearance

8.5 inches

9 inches

9 inches

Fuel capacity

0.5 gallons

1.59 gallons

1.5 Gallons

Net weight

281 lbs

507 lbs

595 lbs

The GKM 125 comes for the most beginners, whereas GKM 200 and GKA 200 are for the youth and intermediate kids

Massimo GKM 125

If you notice the specifications of all these three go-karts from Massimo Motor, you will notice that there are not too many differences except for the engine size, dimension, and capacities.

These are so because Massimo Motor brings these go-kart lineups only for the youth and kids. That means if you are a big guy who demands more power and versatility, these go-karts probably will not be able to give you the best experience possible.

The 125cc version will bring forth essential fun and excitement for most beginners, whereas the other two counterparts will come in handy for those little expert kids to take their expertise to some further extent.

GKM 125 comes with a 125cc four-stroke air-cooled engine, whereas its two other counterparts are variants of 200cc engine

The most important distinction about any sort of automotive vehicle is obviously the engine, or you may call it the powerhouse of the vehicle.

The GKM 125 variant gets its fuel from a 125cc four-stroke air-cooled engine, whereas the other two will have 200cc engine variations.

Although the GKA 200 is labeled with a 200cc engine, the actual engine displacement of this go-kart is 177cc. Therefore, you will get a little less horsepower and rpm with the GKA 200 version.

The dimension of GKA 200 is comparatively larger.

The only reason GKA 200 asks the same price as the GKM 200 despite having less engine displacement is that the GKA 200 comes with a larger dimension and body frame construction.

As a result, even some adults will also fit into this kart with ease. Besides, the rigid frame construction also gives a better boost and reliability while excavating off the terrain.

On the contrary, the GKM 125 comes with the smallest dimension on this list, whereas the GKM 200 will stay in the middle.

GKM 200 and GKA 200 will make every fast-growing kid comfortable with better ground clearance

Having a little higher ground clearance enhances the visibility and comfort zone for the larger drivers. If your kid is growing at a fast rate, the GKM 200 or GKA 200 with their 9 inches of ground clearance should make your fast-growing kid more comfortable on the kart.

On the flip side, the GKM 125 comes with 8.5 inches of ground clearance. Therefore, the most beginner kid will fit on this kart with optimum clarity.

How about the horsepower and rpm rate?

Massimo GKM 200

Every kid loves speed but introducing them with higher speed can cause accidents as well. Therefore, looking at the competency level of your kid is also necessary.

That is when the horsepower and rpm rating come into play.

The GKM 125 is rated with 6.5 horsepower, the GKA 200 with 8.7 horsepower, and GKM 200 with the highest 9.5 horsepower rating.

Therefore, you can expect to get better power and speed comparatively with the GKM 200 than GKA 200 and GKM 125.

All three go-karts from Massimo Motor has the reverse gear to increase versatility.

Having reverse gear not only increases versatility but also brings productivity to your adventurous ride. While this feature is relatively not that prevalent in kids and youth-friendly go-karts, Massimo Motor has done no compromise here.

From the most basic version to the most high-end one, the reverse gear is present in all of their variants. As a result, your kid will remain on the safe hand in almost all situations.

You will notice dramatic differences in the weight parameters of all these three lineups.

With fewer moving parts and a pretty smaller rolling cage and dimension, the GKM 125 is one of the lightest go-karts available on the market. This one conveys a total net weight of around 281 lbs only.

On the other hand, the GKM 200 and GKA 200 come with the net weight parameter of 507 and 595 lbs, which makes them almost twice heavier than the GKM 125.

With a better looked rolling cage and an aggressive construction, the GKA 200 is the heaviest go-kart lineup on this list.

The heavier weight of the GKA 200 will bring better consistency while driving.


A better balance between the rider and the vehicle's weight always brings forth essential consistency while riding on different terrains.

For instance, if you are riding on a general terrain with moderate slopes and obstacles, which is kid-friendly on most occasions, having a higher weight will actually help to jump over or to have fun consistently.

On the other hand, having a lighter weight actually makes it a little inconsistent in terms of riding on difficult terrain. But a lightweight go-kart can always make it easier for a kid to learn the basics of riding a go-kart.

Unless your kid is a real beginner or aged between six to ten, we will recommend you to go either with the GKM 200 or GKA 200 version.

The larger oil tank of GKM 200 and GKA 200 will allow the karts to stay on the  track a little longer than the GKM 125

Truly speaking, the GKM 125 is not a perfect match for doing a comparison with the GKM 200 and GKA 200. We are only doing it for the sake of our readers so that all of you can get all the necessary content in a single place to make a worthy decision in the longer run.

For example, the GKM comes with a smaller fuel tank capacity of 0.5 gallons, whereas the two other counterparts have almost 1.6 gallons of fuel capacity, which is almost thrice spacious as the first one.

As a result, the last two lineups will allow your kid to excavate on the terrain for a longer time compared to the first one.

The inclusion of an automatic transmission system on all three lineups makes the category safer and more kid-friendly

Kids are not similar to full-grown adults. Therefore, they need to have some restrictions to avoid falling into a trap.

Having a fully automatic transmission system, in that case, seems to be the most time-relevant choice for every conscious parent. If you want someone to look at what's your kid is doing even if you are not present, the fully automatic transmission system will surely ensure safety to a great degree.

The inclusion of a Double A-Arm on the front and swing-arm suspension on the rear will allow your kid to develop according to his potential

One of the primary reasons you might want your kid to have a go-kart is to let him be the better version of himself along with having fun and excitement.

The inclusion of a better suspension system on both ends of the kart will allow your kid to constantly grow better and better to pass new challenges without having the fear of falling into a trap.

The disc braking on the front and rear ends of the kart will make the karts more tractable.

A better braking system is what makes any automotive vehicle more manageable. At the same time, it helps your kid to learn the simple basics that he is destined to implement on larger vehicles when he will grow larger.

Massimo Motor has implemented front and rear hydraulic disc braking on all three of these lineups to make your kid more comfortable on these karts.

At the same time, such functionality will always come in handy to bring forth a wholesome experience to attain high-end maneuverability as well.

The price of all three items seem quite relatable and affordable

Model name

Price range

GKM 125

$2,299 dollars+-

GKA 200

$3,299 dollars+-

GKM 200

$3,299 dollars+-

Massimo Motor is quite popular for delivering powerful and quality products at an affordable price range. You will notice no deviation of their tradition for these three go-kart lineups as well.

Naturally, the GKM 125 go-kart is the cheapest here with a price of nearly $2,300 dollars. On the other hand, the GKM 200 and GKA 200 share the same price range, which is around $3,300 dollars.

We believe, the pricing is logical enough to make you happy as a buyer in any situation.

Which one should you choose?

For any moment, the age of your kid and the growth rate should be the deciding factors.

The first one on this list, which is the GKM 125, comes with the most basic construction of a go-kart. Therefore, this one will comply better with most beginner kids.

We recommend going with the GKM 125 if the age of your kid is between six to ten.

On the contrary, if your kid is growing at a fast rate and already are a bit competent in riding on a go-kart, probably the GKM 200 or GKA 200 will be the most preferable decision.

If the age of your kid is between nine to sixteen, we believe the GKM 200 or GKA 200 will bring forth the most wholesome experience.

At the same time, your kid will get better opportunities to evolve with these lineups.

If you want your kid to introduce to something more exciting and affordable, consider checking Massimo motor warrior200 to make your kid a better rider in the future.

What are some of the drawbacks?

Like most other automotive toys, these lineups are not free from some drawbacks as well.

The first thing you may not love at all is the air filter of these lineups. There is simply no way you can clean them.

We are not saying that these toys are slow. But comparatively, they are not faster either.

Final summary

  1. Massimo offers a large number of automotive lineups, including ATV, Side-by-Side, Snowblower, Motorcycle, Golf-Kart, go-kart, and more.
  2. The manufacturer started their journey in 2009 and with only 10+ years, they have taken a good position in the automotive industry.
  3. All these things happen only because Massimo Motor brings quality, affordable, and powerful automotive lineups to the market.

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